Didn't get punika powerpass for reaper

Hi I haven’t gotten the powerpass with the reaper release. When I messaged support they said it ended october 26. But Lost Ark Academy - Reaper - News | Lost Ark - Free to Play MMO Action RPG and Feast With Friends Release Notes - News | Lost Ark - Free to Play MMO Action RPG says we’re supposed to get a new one for this release. Can I please have that powerpass? It’s not in my in game mail. I never got it.

Hello @StepCore

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In order to unlock the free Punika Powerpass you will first have to complete the Punika continent story quest on at least one character, and then complete the questline starting with “Where memories begin” and ending with “Berver’s Friend” in Punika (Purple sidequests). After that, you should receive the Powerpass in your in-game mail on the character you completed these quests on.

To use your free Powerpass in case you already claimed it from your inventory:

  1. Go to the Character Selection screen and select the character you want to use the Powerpass on, then click the Powerpass button.
  2. You should then be able to click on the Punika Pass and after that click the “Use Powerpass” button to apply it to your character.

I hope this helps. Cheers! :tada:

Thank you, I couldn’t find any quest called Berver’s Friend and I have max rapport with him so I thought that was it. Neither of those update posts mention Where memories begin

I also had already completed it on a different character, but needed to log on to that char before it registered it.

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