Didnt receive 10 rapport chest

Chest was given along with mokoko skins etc, but i didnt receive 10 rapport chests.

Serveur ; Sceptrum
ID; azumeowww

Please check

Hi @azumeoww

Checking the patch notes; I don’t believe there was any mention of players being granted 10 rapport chests:

As mentioned in last week’s letter from Amazon Games & Smilegate RPG , Lost Ark fans around the world are celebrating all the new players now enjoying the game they love. Players in Korea received gifts to commemorate the western launch of the game, and we wanted everyone to be included. We’re so grateful for all of you who have joined us on the start of this adventure and we’re excited about the long future ahead! To help you on this journey with us, enjoy a gift full of fun cosmetics and useful materials.

The gift includes:

  • New Animal Skin Selection Chest
  • Mokokon Pet Selection Chest
  • Moko-board Mount Selection Chest
  • Lost Ark United Structure
  • Appearance Change Ticket
  • Pheons x132
  • Menelik’s Tome x5
  • Legendary Card Pack Selection Chest x2

While we’ve decided to hold off on the Jukebox songs announced last week (as that content has not yet made its way to the western version of Lost Ark), alongside the items listed above, we’re excited to announce an additional gift for players focused on honing!

When opening each chest, players can choose between the options listed below it.

  • 5 Leapstone Selection Chests
    • Harmony Leapstone x50
    • Life Leapstone x50
    • Honor Leapstone x30
  • 6 Guardian Stone Selection Chests
    • Guardian Stone Fragment x1000
    • Guardian Stone x1000
    • Guardian Stone Crystal x200
  • 2 Destruction Stone Selection Chests
    • Destruction Stone Fragment x1000
    • Destruction Stone x1000
    • Destruction Stone Crystal x200
  • 1 Honing Special Material Selection Chest
    • T1 Metallurgy Book x2 & Tailoring Book x10
    • T2 Metallurgy Book x2 & Tailoring Book x10
  • 2 Fusion Material Selection Chests
    • Caldarr Fusion Material x50
    • Simple Oreha Fusion Material x25

Are you referring to a different reward?
Maybe I missed an announcement and I’m in the wrong.