Didn't receive a Reentry Ticket for Kakul raid

Just happened to me


I was the only one who entered the Clown`s raid, received a message and was kicked out.
Now I’m locked out of it.

Chat shows what happened.

This bug sucks… and now I can’t try Gate 3, lost my day off…

Hey @Merrila hope you are doing awesome!

I’m so sorry for the situation you experienced being kicked out of the clown’s raid and now unable to access it, please remember our system only provides re-entry tickets in cases caused by a verified server crash or outage.

As of now the system in place will automatically reissue entries when deemed necessary and you should receive it within 24-48h. If you do not receive it within that time frame the system did not reissue your entry ticket automatically on this occasion, we won’t be able to do so manually. You can check on how we handle these scenarios on the following link.

As well you can head to the following thread for further assistance:

Hope this is helpful and see you on Arkesia!

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