Didn't receive founders pack

Greetings!!! I purchased the Gold Founders Pack via my Amazon account and activated the key on Steam, however none of the items were available when I logged in yesterday. Also, I never received my Prime Gaming items that I claimed. Any chance that I will be given everything that I’ve purchased and claimed via Twitch? I like the game thus far and want to continue.

Hi @Theslia :dragon: :dragon:

I’m so sorry that you’re having an issue with your founders pack we don’t want anything messing with your gameplay experience.

I inform you that we are already aware of the issue and this will solve soon, you just have to continue playing Lost Ark and you will receive your respective items. Please check the following link for more information:

(Regarding the In-Game Store & Product Inventory)

Thanks for your patience! :mage: :man_mage:

I appreciate the quick response! I can honestly say that patience is one virtue that I’ve taught myself over the years. :slight_smile:

I am now past level 20 and have also made 3 additional characters and played them to almost level 20. Still, the Gold Founders Pack I purchased hasn’t arrived as Amazon Games said it would in their email. Do you have a more accurate timeline as to when this issue will be resolved?