Didn't Receive My Skill After Using the Awakening Item

TL;DR boosted an alt to get the awakening on my main, used the item but didn’t receive the skill

I was leveling my main(Paladin), got the boost and boosted my first Alt(Bard). With that you gain the already completed Awakening, so i got back on my Paladin and talked with Beatrice. Received both mails and Claimed, then used the items BUT i don’t have Heavenly Blessing, the skill that should’ve come with the Awakening.
Everything is completed, nothing is wrong. I do need a LOT of help since it is a core skill for my class.
(I can only upload 5 files, but i checked EVERYTHING with a lot of friends also helping me)




fix this

pls fix, must be frustrating don’t having an important skill like that buff

Also happening to my bard atm, finished awakening and mail never came with the skill.


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I’m having the exact same issue, this needs to be fix ASAP.

Thanks for the reports, will make sure this is escalated with the team

We have verified that if you start your Awakening Skill Quest Chain on one character, then switch to another character and complete the Awakening Skill Quest Chain there, you will not be able to complete the quest chain on the first character and will be prevented from unlocking your Awakening Skill.

We have escalated this bug for a fix with the team, and will provide updates as they become available.

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I only have 1 character that im currently playing. Even completing it on my only level 50 character, i am getting the bug as well. I finished level 50 awakening quest line, received awakening skills but no lvl50 Heavenly Blessing skill.

Exact same issue, received my last skill (Doomsday for my class), but no awakening skill. My platinum founders pack is bound to this character, so would really appreciate any help. Thanks

same issue here. Playing Paladin

Any new updates in regards to this issue? It’s pretty troublesome to be missing one of the Paladin’s main buff/aoe skill while doing end game content. :hugs:

I have not received mine either and cant figure this out. This has ruined my endgame. What do I do, Start a new character??

I am also dealing with this on my bard, please smilegate, this needs to get fixed, i dont want to have to grind all the way back up on an alt to even have a chance to get a very important part of my class

Also me. Have only 1 char and did prurple quest from Beatrice and only got Doomsday and no awakening… feels sadge :confused:

same problem pls fix it

Exact same here. Only 1 character, no Heavenly Blessing Skill

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I really wonder how this is even possible. Korea works just fine, Russia works just fine,… they literally had nothing to do other than setting the Servers up. Not messing with the Character Skills or localisation or certain quests or anything like it. Paladin Player myself here, and i am expecting to have this Bug myself when i get there. I also don’t expect a Fix any time soon as they have proven that they don’t really know what they are doing with that 12h maintenance yesterday. :wink:


I found a black book in my inventory that teaches heavenly blessings

Same problem here (sorceress), got Awakening quest done, just receive the Meteor skill, the awekening skill no.

Same problem here (sorceress). Awakening quest done. i received only my Ultimate Skill, no Meteor (Doomsday)

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