Didn't Receive My Skill After Using the Awakening Item

I’m having the same problem but I’m not getting the quest for it so I’m just stuck with no skill or quest at all smh

i only got 1 of the 2 awakenings skills…

same only got 1 of the 2 awakenings skills fix your shit

Same here. I completed the first quest and I did not recive awakening skill or skill called Decimate. I got nothing on mail. And I have only played on one character.

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Same here. First character

I have the same problem…

We need a god damn status update… are the team even looking for a fix for this right now?

Please come out here and give us some information

Same here


Hey everyone, Placing my fix on a few posts here as it seems this is a recurring issue that has yet to be addressed.

The problem is that the quest chain can go under [Completed] after you finish a step and then stay there not providing a marker to the next spot.

Step 1: Go into your completed quest tab in your Journal under [Trixion].

Step 2: Identify what quest part you are at and then google the NPC Start location (This varies per class so im unable to reference them all) I used lostarkcodex.com to lookup the quest name.

Step 3: identify the location on the map where the NPC is and Travel that way. Once in the same area you will be able to see their quest icon on the map.

Step 4: Profit

As an example: our Sorceress friend was stuck and when we identified Mage Cerial as the NPC for the 4th awakening quest step, he traveled to Croconys Shore and boom. Finished up the chain and got his awakening skill no problem.

Please let me know if this works for everyone. It appears that the bug simply places the quest chain under completed which removes map icons.

Happy Ark hunting!

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Ok i did some training “training area” and after that i did get item. Got skill

I thought I had the same issue, it turned out that I manually had to go into my quest log and complete the quest and then I received the items needed to add my awakening skill. Hope this helps

Do you know where Cerial is? My “Completed” quest shows I completed step 2 but not 3. I went through every single inch of the map and could not find Cerial?

Croconys SeaShore top left hand side. You can view a marker on a map on the codex site I linked.

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will try this once the servers are back up. thanks for sharing!

i followed your advice, all of the NPCs had no quests. i went back to trixion (which i had in the past few days, where Beatrice had no interaction possible) and she had a purple question mark. completed the quest and i have my awakening ability!

This didn’t work for me as a Paladin. Beatrice had nothing for me so I’m still without the skill book.

My nick in game: Alexcsasouza
Awakening quest buugggg! in the third mission it no longer appears. I’m very sad
Someone help me

Thank you for the response! My ad blocker was not letting me see the map…

Hmmm…I saw Beatrice yesterday and she had nothing…now today she has the quest Awakening- Hope Inherited. The skill was sent in the mail as a “Quest Replacement Completion Reward”. It appears they fixed this. Beatrice would have the quest…

My pleasure! I wasn’t able to sticky the picture here as I was on mobile. Glad you were able to find it!