Didn't Receive My Skill After Using the Awakening Item

i have the same issue, my awakening skill is missing and my quest is complete…

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Also having issue. Awakening skill on my paladin, beserker and gunlancer are greyed out. Quests are showing complete in journal, no items, and Beatrice has no quest.

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Hello. Can you give a followup on the issue? Is it something that are you guys aware of? I’ve completed the Awakening quest and got my awakening skill but im still missing the lvl 50 skill. I checked all my inventories and mails and the item is nowhere to be found. It’s been 24 hours since i’ve completed the quest.

HI,I really do not know what to do anymore, I can not use the chaos shard at all. Left click. Right click. None of them work and my game has stopped without this skill. If there is a bug, please fix it very quickly,i’m desperate pls someone help me :sob: :sob:


same…fix this goddamn shit

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Like how has this not been catched by SmileGate - it has been 3 years since they launched. Did you license the bugs as well? Or did you basically buy a license for a snapshot of the code when it launched? As a developer myself I am having trouble seeing any good reason as to why bugs like this have not been patched by 2019-2020 by SmileGate in RU or KR versions of the game. It is not really sustainable in the long run, and here is why; glitches. If people can correlate EU patches to more or less RU/KR patches, that means that the eager patch notes reader would be able to find ways to take advantage, and gain a unfair advantage. Probably not many bugs like that, but you only need one or two to ruin the game. The Division is a great example of a game getting ruined by a select group of people using bugs to their own advantage.

Edit: Nevermind, it appeared in my inventory now

Did anyone eventually get it? I’m in the same boat with my 2nd awakening skill on my alt (Bard). My main finished the 2nd awakening skill quest and I went to talk to Beatrice on my Bard to receive the 2nd awakening skill but never got it. Not in the mail nor in my inventory.

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When u will give information about this and when u will fix it ? This is unbelivuble really .

I have the same problem, please help

When will this be fixed? I have the same problem, my item didn’t appear in the inventory or the mail.

Please, could you at least give the item manually to the people writing on the forums.

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I have similar issue, just one char ( at the time of creating a ticket on 15th of February ) , missing 2nd awakening skill on sorceress, no response so far.

This happened to me today. Also had the quest appearing as complete in my journal. So after reading everything, i returned to the training area and completed all of that, then I bought chaos shards in town and it showed up. Not sure if it was both or just the shards, buit it didnt come till after the shards where purchased.

If you don’t get the skill contact amazon support,
tell them you
“did not receive the purple skill from the #1 awakening”
they will send it to u, it will take 24-72hr or more

check if you have completed “[Awakening] Hope Inherited”

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SOOOOOOOO anyone give any information about this ?

Check if you completed the quest PenDragOn stated “check if you have completed “[Awakening] Hope Inherited””.

I am in the same boat as I completed all the quests, but "check if you have completed “[Awakening] Hope Inherited”… It is a required quest to complete the 2nd awaking skill. I just went through 2 hours of chat with support to find that “check if you have completed “[Awakening] Hope Inherited”” isn’t available to me which is what the problem is. They have to open a ticket to get it resolved for me.

TLDR: If you completed the quest but didn’t get check if you have completed “[Awakening] Hope Inherited” quest, contact support and have a ticket created to resolve.