Didn't receive rewards from Forpe island

First time I did the event, I failed to clear it because of some guy who kept resetting the boss, did it again after a few hours, that time I managed to clear it and didn’t receive any rewards. In the event compass it said that I have already received the rewards, but no, I did not. If this event is a one time opportunity and you can lose the rewards because of some dude who keeps running out of the arena with the boss chasing him, it’s bullshit and people who made the event are sadists.

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Having the same issue, can’t claim any more rewards for the day but I never received anything.
Server: Aldebaran

I got no rewards even when i just finished it 1st time.

Still not fixed , sometimes you recive reward sometimes dont… pure rullette

Just happned to me. Still an issue I guess.

How this works is:
You entered island you “claimed” that island id as reward claimed. So if you succeed or not is irrelevant to the game.
I was pretty late to an adventure island so I entered and before I was able to run to the event it ended so never received any rewards locking me out of it.