Didn't receive your gifted Founders Packs? (Part 2)

And then, from my side, I have sent countless printscreens, asked them to log into the goddamn account to confirm, reached out thousands of times throughout this 1 month+, to the point that I have NO PATIENCE anymore.
They just keep on closing the ticket, even though it’s clear through the 1897438957384738473 prints that I have sent, including on this e-mail (down below), that I couldn’t have possibly opened 2 founders pack on my account.


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So now that I have replied (AGAIN, for the 1000th time), with the print screens, they go radio silence, then after 2~3 days when I reach out again, they will come back with “After investigating, we concluded that you have claimed both successfully”, hence closing the ticket, again. That’s just how good the support is.

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I claimed 2nd platinium and the celebration gift in one of the servers of EUW because I thought it was a special gift that you were giving in that region to incentive players about playing there, because of that, I lost all items inside.

IGN: Edwinna
Server: Trixion
Region: EU Central
What you did not get: 2nd Platinium Pack and Launch Celebration Pack

And here we go again. Saying that I have it, can’t take 30s to log into my fking account to check that I don’t, can’t look at the thousand print screens that I have already provided, and my problem still remains. Useless customer service, jesus fking christ.

@Roxx @Sandovall @Seawolf @Shadow_Fox @Maselbart

Do something for god sake!

The agent Nishant just disconnected from the chat because he can’t provide an answer or do his job, that’s just awesome.

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They really don’t give a damn about us!


Ye so looks like this thread is a complete waste of time.

It’s funny how they asked us to post here yet they’ve done sweet f all about it. EU launch with like 9? servers with no other choices, then literally drip feeding promises they will fix them leading to multiple new servers which caused massive matchmaking and other issues.

Then bringing the EUW servers saying this was the fix and to move over (which I did and have been playing on) and you can get a 2nd untradable pack that hasn’t been received still. No doubt the end result being a dead EUW region and lost money/time.

@Roxx Since the servers are down for 8H you have time to give us what we haven’t received!

Roxx answered my PM within less than 30 minutes regarding another matter. She is straight up ignoring this thread.

@Seawolf @Shadow_Fox @Maselbart

IGN: Uhliana
Server: SA - Agaton
Which founder packs did you not receive? (Plat, gold, silver, bronze?): Platinum

Never got it on West Europe - Petrania

IGN: Goldrakar
Server: WE - Petrania
Platinum founders pack

I’m going through the same shit. It’s getting really old. They either just outright close the tickets or hang up on you in live chat. Never giving an answer. What makes it worse for me is they confirmed i never received the packs and i still get hung up on and get no response.

Honestly driving me to quit playing.

Same here, I’ve been through the fact that there’s no way I received having only 1 OF EACH item present on the Platinum Founders, several agents agreed with me, and they just close the ticket under the pretext that I’ve received according to their logs.

My ticket that had over 32 days was closed with the message “The log says that the user has claimed the package successfully, please insist with him.” PLEASE INSIST WITH HIM.

I’ve proved extensively that there’s no way a second package was opened and they couldn’t take 30s to either look into the print screens or my account.

Still not received.

Platin,Gold,(Bonus Pack),Vanquisher Starter Pack

So many hours of update and something simple as giving us our shit, it’s taking almost 2 months ridiculous!

@Roxx don’t we deserve an answer?

She doesn’t care, was replying almost instantly on another matter, brought up this issue she went radio silence.

@Roxx @Shadow_Fox @Seawolf @Sandovall @Maselbart

Anyone? Anything?

If what you want is for them to fix the problem, there is no better way than to flood the support forum, so that each one opens a new post with the problem and abandons this one, which you see, they ignore.

when they find the forum full of complaints they can only fix it or ban it, that’s when we will know if the players care or not.