Differentiate Items Clearer In the Store

The similarity of Character Customization Ticket and the Character Slot Extension appear very similar and it’s causing purchase errors, which due to Amazon Games policy, cannot be exchanged or refunded. The items are visually very alike and both cost 800 crystal.

My first purchase in Lost Ark was for a Character Expansion Slot on February 18th. But I was surprised to discover a Character Customization Ticket had been delivered to my Product Inventory instead. I went back and checked the Store. The two items are so similar that if you’re suffering any sort of visual/processing disturbance then this error is likely. “Can’t you read?” No-- not clearly always. My error was due to a migraine, but dyslexics may face the same issues.

I caught the error before taking the incorrect product out of my Product Inventory. Sadly, this doesn’t make a difference to Amazon Games Customer Support. After 16 days I was informed they can’t exchange the two identically priced items nor offer a refund. The Customer Service agent informed me that my account would be banned if I try to Refund and Repurchase the Correct Item (Character Slot Extension) though Steam or Credit Card, so there’s that!

Several other user threads mention the SAME error. Hence, because the items are so visually similar, cost the same amount, and start with Character-- it’s an easy mistake. This means Customers end up with a product they didn’t want but are stuck with due to No Refunds/No Exchanges Amazon policy. Maybe the visual similarities aren’t a problem in Korean Lost Ark where they can address refunds and exchanges or the item Titles are different enough in Hangul that the mistake is less common.

Currently, Amazon is profiting from poor Store Layout/Design and honest Customer mistakes while offering customers NO recourse to correct the issue. If we try to Refund & Repurchase for the correct items to fix the issue on our end, we face bans. There is NO FIX. So the only safe option is to spend MORE MONEY. Essentially Amazon Games is punishing customers for 1. Poor Store Design, 2. Easy Mistake/Visual Disabilities (Ableism) and 3. A Lack of Actual Customer Support.

This is disheartening to say the least.

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And that was the root of my issue. I have dyslexia. I read things incorrectly often. Usually I slow down and and pay really close attention. But, I was excited because money has been tight and I had the $20 to get the extra character slots I wanted.

Granted, I shouldn’t have given the smart remark I did when told they couldn’t fix the problem. The reason I was annoyed wasn’t because I was told no. It was that I was told no that they were unable to do something so simple because of a “policy” that’s just a load of crap. There’s nothing to refund. They can see where every single thing on my account came from. They can see those two customization tickets, delete them, and assign two slot extension tickets IF THEY WANTED TO. And that is annoying.

I feel like AGS, ever since New World, has gone above and beyond to avoid being easy to do business with. And that phrase should be core to any workplace. Be easy to do business with.

The reason I say that is this: While this was my mistake, regardless of reason, AGS has shown me though this, and the various issues others have had, that should an issue arise regardless or who, if anyone, is at fault, it is not safe to spend money with this company.

It’s just $20, but still. It’s an experience with this company that left a bad taste.


But the Shop should be visually distinct enough to accommodate people with disabilities. If it’s a problem for us, it’s going to be a problem for other people with visual or processing challenges. They should address this.

Maybe the names for the items are more visually distinct in the Korean Hangul alphabet. But even a cursory search shows several people had this issue in the west-- and those are just the people who took time to write it up. I didn’t bother at first.

It’s fine if Amazon Games wants to take a hardline stance against refunds and exchanges, but in that case, their shop better be Clear, Authenticate “Are You Sure This Is The Item You Want?”, etc. to ensure players aren’t accidentally stuck with unwanted products. The responsibility for making a shop designed for full Customer Support in Korea, including Returns, and converting it to a shop with NO Returns and NO Exchanges is on the publisher to make clear and ensure customer satisfaction.

This is such a small ask. Bumping for reasonableness.

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