Difficulties Learning Team Play

So I was considering my struggles learning how to properly play as a team with all the different team compositions and it occurred to me that not having any opportunity to talk with my teammates after the match really puts me (personally) at a disadvantage.

How am I supposed to learn what I’m doing wrong without getting feedback?

Is it basically required that I find a group of people to skirmish with so that we can actually talk after the matches?

How do you guys learn?

wow is the arena forum community really this dead?

Its not the Arena forum that’s dead, its just the forums were never that utilized to begin with. Not sure what the problem is, the playerbase just doesn’t really use it. I’m sure there is a Discord for it somewhere.

I think I’m just done with lost ark PvP.

The inability to play with friends is just too miserable for me. Zero community, zero communication, zero fun, just mindless random queueing into silent terribly matched up teams.

Sad because it has the potential to be a ton of fun, but I guess I’ll just TDM queue and piss around like everyone else enough for weekly honing materials.

Also, 3 hours since the last post comment outside of this thread in this forum. PvP community is on life support, if not already dead. FeelsBadMan.

I personally record my games and rewatch some of them to find mistakes which i did and things on which i should work on.

Another thing is watch videos of other classes to learn their abilities.

honestly, finding a gm/master twitch streamer that plays your class is a good start. If not generally a good place to start is playing norms.

Learn your combo to the point when you dont have to really look at your buttons/cd’s and then start watching and observing the game. Learn what different classes do, how they engage etc and what you can do to avoid cc/getting hit.
The biggest difference between bad and good players isn’t their mechanics so much but more so game knowledge and knowing the main skills to watch out for each class as well as identifying how to avoid getting full combo’ed/not getting caught etc whilst also being able to potentially go in yourself.

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