Difficulty doing anything after coming back with a long time without playing

I play on Kazeros on the SA server… I stopped playing for a while and got interested in Reaper to play, it started because each legendary piece had absurd prices to buy… so far so good, you can farm gold for a while and go shopping.
But there are simply no more groups for argos to at least level up to 1415, the groups are always carry or else if you are 1370 to gate 1 with minimum gear no one accepts you in the group to be able to continue the character’s progression.
At least put the argus equipment in the Market to make it easier to level up the gear and start the legionnaires, because the way it is it’s impossible.

Edit: I can’t read, I see the server now.

Someone help this guy.

Hey, if you’re interested in learning and progressing I can help you out! I’m from black fang, my main is a 1550 paladin, if you’re interested let me know!

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Hone your Oreha set to +15 = 1415