Difficulty & Matchmaking etiquette

I’m writing this post because I feel it’s important that we try and take a headstrong approach of creating a positive and patient approach to the challenging content that LA has to offer. First off I’ll say I’ve been grinding very hard on lost ark, with 300 hours played and only just reached 1100 after 3 days of bad honing luck, (it was worth it). I’ve cleared all abyss dungeons in t1 and t2 using matchmaking only over 2 weekly resets on a total of 3 different characters.

  1. The mutual desire to succeed:
    I’ve had to combat a lot of toxicity and impatience with groups, but in the end we ultimately would finish the dungeon even if it meant wiping multiple times. A lot of that toxicity ultimately came from the unwillingness of players to cooperate and communicate. MMO’s are about community building and experiencing new challenges and overcoming them together. We can’t do this without the open mindedness to simply say hi to each other and share that experience together.

  2. Preparing for the future:
    The increasing in difficulty and dynamic interactions we’ve been introduced over the t1 and t2 content serves a purpose. It’s molding and shaping us into better players with stronger understanding of mechanics such as staggers, positioning, and decision making. The best thing about a lot of the fights is it requires every member of the group to feel like they succeeded in providing valuable contribution to the fight. The thought that if I do my part correctly, we all survive. I can’t help but feel that average nature of today’s playerbase has forgotten what that feels like since LA has so far been one of the best MMOs in a decade. As well as many new players experiencing LA as their first MMO.

When it comes to matchmaking in LA there is currently no method to find another member if someone quits or gives up. F2P players get limited attempts without aura for repairs. So my challenge is to ask everyone to take a deep breath and be willing to focus on having fun creating memories and rising to the top together. So the next time you go to make another run at your favorite abyss dungeon or guardian is to think about the possible player getting to experience that for the first time.


Well said. Not everyone will be on board with it, but the players who are good at the game need to realize that they are at the helm and it’s up to them to make this an enjoyable experience for everyone.

It may not be fair that they are burdened with the responsibility, and they can always opt to premade with a friend or guildy to avoid the “toxic public matches”, but whether we like it or not it’s our responsibility to help bolster the community and give the more casual players some assistance and hope that they can succeed with us, not to feel like they are letting us down.

It’s a learning process, without each other we can’t clear harder content when it’s released. I assure you all that once T4+ content is out that we will all be wiping on a constant basis. :+1: