Dilemma - Push to 1460 or Wait for Arcanist?

Hello. Everyone.
After this week’s team letters to players, you have found out that we will have 1460 stronghold research for honing assistance on 1370 - 1415.

I have a major dilemma.
Before Lost Ark became open beta, I decided to main Arcanist (scheduled to be released on July Update). I have been saving materials since I learned that Arcanist will be released soon.

Here is the real question.
My highest level character is a Bard at 1419. What do yall think I should do with materials?

  1. Save all materials for Arcanist to push her to T3 easily.
  2. Keep honing a Bard up to 1460 for stronghold research then save all the materials?

Which one do yall think? and why?

Thanks. Happy honing and farming!!

Bard 1430 for Valtan and Vykas normal. I’d do 1460 only if you plan on gearing it up and continue playing it. 1460 is still considerably expensive and those materials are better used on your new main, with or without the 1460 research.

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I am planning on keep playing Bard as second main / main-alt.

In that case 1460.

1460 would take a while if you’re 1419. Honestly, if i was in your scenario, i’d save for arcanist after getting the bard to 1430. However, that would be since i’d only focus on my arcanist for a long time.

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