Director Keum's few words on NA/EU release - Smilegate working on final trailer for EU/NA!

This came during the live broadcast on Lost Ark’s Youtube channel (It’s the director’s bday)

  1. The final build for NA/EU launch has been made.
  2. We’re working on the final trailer for the launch. AZG has been making good trailers, but I wanted to show what I wanted to show to the international audience as the director of the game.
  • few info about stuff he talked about.

There will be 4 endgame contents this year. Kayangel? (Abyss dungeon in Elgacia), Illiakan, Abyss dungeon in Voldaik (continent after Elgacia) Kamen (hopefully)

16 raids wont be coming back anytime soon. We had it before and it was clear that we weren’t ready for it.

The last legion raid (Kamen?) will have the theme: Despair.


Since he stated he don’t know much about western market I guess he didn’t argue much and all “wonderful” ideas are ags doing… like “trust us with that…”


Smilegate RPG continues to be the developer of Lost Ark, even for the Western version of the game. They are responsible for implementing changes to the build, which is how the director was able to share that the final build has been completed. :slight_smile:


Has there been any update on the name rules or are they locked in for launch now that the final build has been made?

We should be rly rly thankful to have such a nice dedicated game director, constantly putting so much love and effort into the game, so more and more people can enjoyy this beautiful game, so lovely.


Did he explain why he decided to ruin our release with T3?

Actually, yes, I shared this recently, so I can repost here –

“T3 content at launch is limited so that players will only get their feet wet, but this decision was made with SGR so that we can introduce Abyss Raids to the game sooner rather than later they are a unique part of Lost Ark and a big draw for players”


It’s not nessecary the fact that T3 is the reason why people are upset atm. More like that this info came in 1 and half week before release. Take this in combination that a lot of classes aren’t released yet so switching main will be harder than in T1.

If you knew about T3 release, why wouldn’t you tell us before?


This addition did come in more recently and after Closed Beta, which is why it was shared on the timeline that it was.

I definitely hear the concerns about the release of new classes in the future, but I will work to address this to see what we can do to mitigate these issues.


If we can’t get all classes at release (which at this point is silly given the goal here is clearly to get us up to speed), then getting all current classes out within a few months after release would be best. Catch-up events as well. For months now we thought we’d have comfortable time to see classes released and T3 just gets dumped on us weeks before release? Unprofessional.

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I definitely agree that all classes should come out at release. Unfortunately from a business standpoint they won’t they strategically removed the most popular classes from the other versions lol. They will probably come out months down the road when boosts get put back into the shop.

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Thanks for acknowledging the new class releases.

Is there any word on the naming restrictions though? I’m not sure if it’s been made a “big enough deal” on the forum or reddit or other platforms, but it seems like people either hate it, or are willing to put up with it. No one is happy about or in support of the current naming rules.

Im so happy about this!! I really feel AZG done a terrible job representing Lost Ark in the trailers :confused:

But now we can rejoice for we will recieve a real trailer!!!
One that shows and doesnt tell, One that explores the world and shows off unique elements and gameplay of this amazing game!!

Amazon just made it look like “Just another mmo” - to all my friends anyways.

It is what it is… at this point I want to be less complaining and more playing (at launch).
About player retention,I will worry about that later.

It is kinda funny how Amazon Games is called AGS on the New World forums and AZG on the Lost Ark forums.

The point of view can make such a difference.

And since we are talking about looking at it from a different perspective then getting a small chunk of T3 at the release which most of players will not even touch in the first month is probably not a bad idea and especially since this game has an absurd amount of content meaning that it will still take a very long time to catch up with the KR version if that will ever happen.

The video Director Kang Seon-Hyung mentions isn’t just another “trailer”.

The way he describes it is that This is his vision, dedication and passion. Itl be more like a “director’s cut”. It’s what he and Smilegate want to show the world about Lost Ark.

I love Smilegate RPG and the director, seriously the highest quality approach to community I’ve seen in a long time from an MMO alongside YoshiP and FF.

I also want to say that Roxx, has done an incredible job in ensuring voices and feedback have been heard throughout this development process. I hope you never leave and stay with the AGS team forever. I know you were a HUGE driving force when it came to additional regions, Korean VO, cosmetic concerns and all the thousands of other queries that have been worked on. Seriously can’t thank you enough. I also want to thank Seawolf, Windward and Trev I know they’ve also been heavily active in the communities as well.

Here’s to a successful launch!! I hope everyone has a wonderful time in-game :smiley:

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I remember when Miyazaki sent Harvey Weinstein a Samurai sword when they were releasing Princess Mononoke in the West and a message that said “no cuts” because Miyazaki didn’t want any edits to his movie.

Wish the director of Lost Ark would do the same to Amazon. Stop censoring his game.


As someone who has bumrushed 6 chars to the first raid in Japan (ilvl 1370) in a few months I hate T3 at NA release as I was hoping to get some time to soak in the T1+2 Guardians, Abys Dungeons and actually have a chance to collect the extra skill points. To be fair though while I obviously have no idea if we’ll get these in NA and Roxx probably can’t comment on them at this early stage, Japan had a free character boost (with 2FA enabled) and Hyper Express event that gave you decent help with mats and gold to get to 1390 when they released the Gunslinger recently. So it’s possible we’ll see something similar, at least for a few new classes.

At 1370 I also wouldn’t say it’s prohibitively expensive (in game) to change your main. I believe past that it can get pretty pricey though can’t speak from experience.


How would knowing about it sooner solve anything? All we can do is sit on our hands till release. Not like we can prepare =P

Honest question though.

“ruin” bro pls stop this toxic mentality or just leave the forums if you dont like a “ruined” game