Disable all buffs VFXs

I’m playing berserker mayhem and this means that my character is constantly covered with this annoying flashing black and white smoke/lighning effect.

I tried to disable flashing effects in the game options and to set battle effects display to “display foes only” but the only thing I got is to disable other berserkers mayhem effect, not mine…

Is there a workaround for this?

If you look on your character screen “P” you should see a little EYE symbol next to armor and weapon pieces. I have seen that effect on a lot of berserkers. If you get it from a weapon or armor piece click that “EYE” and it will turn it off

Unfortunately that only disables the enchant effect of a weapon.
Mayhem is a self buff applied by a class engraving.

I’m sorry :frowning:. So that crazy effect is from the engraving itself O.o. I thought it was from weapons my bad. I really hope you find a fix because that is a bit much to be tied into an engraving.