Disable the possibility for "new" player to log in

i know there is new player but what like 90-95% are bots anyway but do like korea they block new player to come if they are too much player for servers

just close servers reset the ah, ban all bots and prevent new player / bots to come so you have time to find a real solution for bots and rmt

and later promote the game with streamer or i don’t know so new player can come back with lot of login rewards and stuff
aswell you can make a sponsorships system between real player so they can promote their trusted friend to come to the game

i don’t know there is so much solutions that don’t hurts player or even less than you do with your ah 11 sec cooldown

i know after that the game will feel empty but that’s the real player who really matters cause bots and rmt don’t give you money anyway except boosting steam player


Best way I think is not close servers for new player but make game buy to play, then give game for free to all already created acc… then ban all bots… Voala…done

This will reduce bot population I think…

possible as well but they can’t really promote their free to play game then