Disable VFX of other players


can you please implement a setting to disable the effect of other players and only show the VFX from my character?

I am asking for that, because i realized that many events with many players are very annoying. This is because of this mentionered VFX of other players. For ex. in the last phase of Tooki Island event you have to defeat Tooki King, but if there are much players bursting all their skills I am unable to even see where Tooki King is.
Another good example are Chaos Gates. With that VFX from other players you can see the bosses since they are very large, but many times you cannot see the spells they casting (I mean the red/blue area on the ground) and this is really a pain. I died already a lot since I did not see the marked area on the ground.


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This already exists under settings → Gameplay → Controls and Display.

As a sorc, I wish I could turn mine off or DOWN as well. I sometimes miss boss mechanics due to so many sparklies.

Try turning down particle displays.