Disables the random party leader after leaving the match!

Please disable randomization from party leaders after exiting a game.

It is very common in Legion Raids that at least 1 out of 8 people does not play well. The group leader has the task of coordinating this and informing the player of his mistakes. Unfortunately, a player often has to be kicked out, otherwise the whole group suffers.

And now to the point that is so annoying:

The random assignment of the group leader after exiting the legion raid!!!
If the player who should be kicked out of the group is now the leader, I have seen it very often that he then simply throws me out of the group.

Please fix that the party leader stays the same party leader too!


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Excellent suggestion. I will forward your request to the Development team. :slight_smile:

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I’m 100% for this. Looks like a bug.

I think it’s not random, leader is assigned to the first one that gets out.

Its random for me