Disappearing Packs and Auras - Cause?

I’ve been trying to read through the forums to get a grasp on what is happening with the reported intermittent slowness of store purchases showing up, and other things like crystalline auras not taking effect after logon all the time.

These kinds of issues make me really curious about what the cause is, and how the backend data storage is implemented. Some distributed database architectures provide ‘weak’ or ‘eventual consistency’ which might explain some of this from time to time. Is it using Amazon Aurora? If so, what is the configured recovery point objective (RPO)? Can some information be provided about the configuration?

If the community knew some of those details, they might feel more assured knowing what data loss mitigations are in place - and more comfortable with spending in the game so they don’t worry about things being lost. It might also be a good opportunity to showcase AWS’ infrastructure when it’s all working!

I think some basic technical information about what happened and any remediation or mitigations implemented would be very much appreciated by the community. :slight_smile: