Disappointed with customer support

Despite the litany of ongoing complaints about purchases within the game, and against my better judgement, I paid for some skins. The omen skin pack has inconsistencies with its coloring. Namely, the Artillerist skin as an example. Upon reaching out to game support NOT to refund, but to ask for a color reset (planned to set it to green and just be happy with that), I was told the company could not even do that. Considering that I reached out within an hour of the purchase, I figured the reset would be fairly simple. Instead I was only told, “Can’t do that, sorry for the inconvenience.” This is unacceptable for a company in 2022. Especially when Amazon has such a robust system for returns and grievance addressing when it comes to basic Amazon store products. When asked to log a formal complaint, I was forwarded here. I’ll be looking for alternative methods to leave complaints against AGS. At best, let this be a warning to future players considering spending money on this game. This is what I get for being hard headed. Shame on AGS. Going forward, I will not be spending more money on this game or other games that AGS brings under their umbrella.

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