Disappointing Holiday weekend

I am so disappointed with this holiday weekend, I don’t even know where to start.

I wasn’t overly excited with the Black Friday packs. Sticking one of the skins behind the 100 dollar pack, I thought was pretty shifty. But besides that, the skin itself isn’t that fantastic. I feel like we keep getting all the ugly skins and find myself wondering, when will we get decent skins?

Second, the servers ran like complete garbage. Constant disconnects during almost every activity. Legion Raids took forever as people kept getting boot. Then, I would get booted. It’s been 3 weeks guys. This issue needs to be escalated.

If that wasn’t worse enough, the Auction House is completely unusable. Every search, returns “too many adventures, check back later”. Not just periodically, but the entire extended holiday weekend. Knowing that a lot of people would be playing this holiday break, I was hoping to make some sales and hopefully pick up a few items, but nope. Bots are completely bogging down the entire market. I guess the only people making sales this weekend is AGS and Smilegate??

While the 10 dollar pack, was pretty much the only pack I felt was worthy of my money, I ultimately decided to not purchase anything this holiday break. Don’t get me wrong, if your game is good, I have no problem supporting a company and dev team. But there wasn’t anything good going on in the land of Arkesia this holiday season. And because of that, I choose not to support.

Hopefully you guys are able to rectify these issues but unfortunately, the long thanksgiving weekend only comes once a year and unfortunately, it was completely ruined.


in short, the AGS clown show is going on and on and on and on …


All packs are worth it.

FYI, the Black “exclusive” skin is selling for 45k in the auction house as we speak, exactly the same price the white version sellf for atm.

Those bundles are not just for the skins, the skin is there to be more appealing. All packs are worth their value for what you are getting.

Regarding the state of the game in terms of DC and AH, yes it’s pretty bad.

Also it kinda makes sense that we are getting all the bad skins now that’s still early in the games cycle in the west, and we dont have all classes out yet. So that we can get the better skins when all classes come out. Im pretty sure once Specialist comes in the west we will be getting all better looking skins

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So much Karenposting on these forums. Nothing wrong with wanting to sit down and play some video games over the holidays. It obviously sucks for those who wanted to play LOA but couldnt because AGS just went on a break knowing that the game is in such a dogshit state.


so the TL:DR is the overpriced skin pack was a bait and the servers continue to be on fire.


They would’ve gotten me if Striker’s fit had him with the Coat Cape instead of fully wearing the coat, but Nope.


He mentioned buying the outfit in the cash shop didn’t he

In this moment White one is more expensive then black one in EU C, White one costs 6k more X_X

The “gaming” portion of my holiday weekend… I did other stuff, but AGS and Smilegate only need to concern themselves with the gaming portion.

The black one is selling for 68-70k in NA-W.

Their plan is to release all the modern, dyeable skins when the game has a lower customer base next year…they wanted to milk us with very old skins before we quit, business intelligence.

I’m surprised people just haven’t put that person on their ignore list already. All they do is come into a topic acting all pretentious and yet people still fall for their antics.

I wonder what will be AGS’s reaction when they come back from holiday and realize AH is on fire :rofl:

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I ended up not buying the packs. No fomoing on my end. not even the 10$ pack which really just has rc/pheons.

why would i buy honing mats with RC when content is released so slowly that i will have 6x breshelza ready now?

Im with you here! I love and im completely addicted to this game. Ive spent close to 1000 before june but ever since inflation and instability I refuse to pour another cent into this game until they actually start to care. They have genuinely over and over pretty much through there actions spit on us and troll us. I mean if there are atleast a 1000 people like me that wanted to drop 200$ to support this game on black friday, then thats 200k in sales they didn’t get. As much as I love the game I keep Copium that it will be stable again and thriving someday. I just F2P now and it really is slow progress. (1450-1455) in about 2 months with 4 alts. I play around 20-30’hours a week. When game was alive double that. TLDR when they decide to communicate when they care then Ill give them my support.

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i have a bad feeling this neglection will happens again on christmast and new year holiday.

About the skins, I’ve counted and we have 5 more shitty undyeable skins. Only 1 of these skins which launched I think with their New Year Anniversary is undyeable but OK/serviceable. The rest are actual trash. So yeah…4-5 more and then it’s just customization town.

You probably need to evaluate your life if your entire long holiday weekend was ruined by a video game and pixels.
Its thanks giving about giving thanks? spending time with friends and family? if a video game totally ruins your weekend then you should probably step away it’s not that bad, just think about all the people that have it worse than you, the people that can’t see their family and friends or the people that are currently living in war zones.

Another poster said the same thing, so I clarified my comment. You just didn’t read down far enough to see it.

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