Disappointment before launch

I guess I’m pretty disappointed with the news of the release of T3.
Many players who play on other servers today think that the news is perfect, but the vast majority of new players are disappointed because we will undoubtedly be far behind other players, but something that seemed serious to me were the changes that were announced.
Balance adjustments for the rhythm of the game.
Another big takeaway from the feedback we received during the closed beta test was that many players felt that some of the game’s pacing and gear weren’t challenging enough. We’ve worked to make balance changes to combat this, and while it won’t slow you down early on, the end-game content will be a bit more challenging for players.
I definitely consider this aforementioned change to be extremely bad, if they announced T3 then one day we will reach that point where the veteran players will already be and watch out for that, since the GVGs will be broken, all the islands will be captured by guilds full of veterans who come from Russian or Korean servers and other new players will not have the option to enjoy that content.
but going back to the topic of the announced change, it will undoubtedly restrict the game a lot to new players and will make reaching T3 an odyssey that many will undoubtedly leave a month or 2 after the launch of the game, because it is really frustrating not being able to advance in content. first month we will have a large number of players, 2 to 3 months we may have the new amazon new world unless they remove that nefarious change that will affect new players tremendously


And this is why, as a new player, you really don’t know what you’re talking about.

Name a single MMO that there isn’t less players at earlier content than later content? Whether that content is T2 or T3 doesn’t matter. There will still be T1 players and that number will decrease over time and grow in the other tiers over time.

Everyone will still be doing T1 and T2 stuff for a long time after release. If you play at release, everyone will be new and on T1 for weeks. If you’re a slow casual player, then are you upset that T3 is available in the first place, or that not everyone has to sit and wait for you to catch up?


ragnarok, wow, ff14, etc.
Perhaps the biggest difference with people like you is that we have a life outside of the game and we won’t be sitting like you all day playing.
that’s why t1 will easily last us months before moving on to t2 and what about t3

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son, how old are you?
It doesn’t bother me that this is T3, but that will generate a considerable loss of players that in the long run will be the same as new world,

  1. And how exactly? “In the long run” all this content is going to come out anyway. New players are always going to have to play catch up to older players. Having more stuff to do at first, means players will be playing the game for longer before quitting, rather than quitting at the end of T1, and coming back later when more content is released. And more content is still going to be coming for a long time. Nothing about this is damaging to the game. PvP is balanced and unaffected whether you’re in T1 or T3. The only thing that is being hurt here, is your ego.

And the only thing you can do is call someone “kid” while comparing one game to another failed one of the same publisher, without actually using your big boy words and explaining how. Nothing is effected by the inclusion of more content. When your only criticism is that you won’t be able to actually play it for months. Continue throwing your tantrum… “child”.

The experience of the game is designed so that the tiers are released progressively, because you have to rush the end game to start playing, to start the economy is going to break because in tier 3 you earn much more money, so to use the market you will have to rush t3, the game has a lot of systems, a good story to enjoy but no, let’s rush t3 and when you have your character fully maxed we start to enjoy all that the game has to offer. i hope korea releases a lot of content because right now we have a game that only has a couple of classes as additional content and they have to wait for korea to create content to release it here, even niche and dead games that are only played on private servers have softcaps and content is released progressively, I sincerely hope amazon stops making games or they hire someone with experience to make decisions and whoever thinks that releasing all the content of an mmo rpg on release is good is because they don’t know what it’s like to play an mmo rpg, the end is not fun, the fun is in the way.

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Post something constructive, and stop pretending like a massive gap wont effect an MMO.

Yeah. T3 isn’t the issue. Actually better for casuals as by the time you get to T3 the auction house should be loaded with cheap gear for you to upgrade with.

My issue is the lack of classes. With T3 now open, we shouldn’t have to wait for events to drop to get our mains.

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what you said doesn’t make any sense

Mate, play the game first and complain about it later. It just feels all the people with concerns haven’t actually played the game (which is normal, what isn’t normal is complaining about something they are reading/hearing 2nd hand without having actually experienced it) and experienced the economy and AH on a live server to understand how most of these concerns are no issues including the economy and inflation ones. If players are playing on a T1 or T2 level they will sell and buy at T1 and T2 item prices. There is a market curve on par with every tier of content. I started just a few months ago from zero on RU and was making very good gold selling T1 books alone. This wasn’t mad gold for a T3 player but it was plenty for me to sustain my current progress at that time and my curve. AS my progress increases so does my gold income. It’s really this simple once you actually play the game and see for yourself.

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So because of you everyone have to be at the same place, and people must not play how they would wanted ?
Toxic asf


The game will have a massive loss of players, no matter what. Lots of people getting blindly hyped just to realize that it’s another generic Korean grinder MMORPG, and then they leave. It’s not a special game in any way. If the bar for MMORPG wasn’t so damn low, this game wouldn’t be so hyped.