Disconect bug, lost entry count

This happened during the server crash on the weekend, mid first time raid on sea of indolence, entry gone. Ok, one time, things happen, they were going to look into it. Now on reset day it happens again, mid dungeon, some lag, then get disconnected, entry is gone, no first time rewards, no way to re entry. Didn’t get the rewards for first time either on Sea of Indolence, now won’t be able to on Tranquil Karkosa >and< I am gated until next thursday for reset.

I really do not want to get stressed over the game, just please look into it and do something because two times, gating from content in a row is really a problem. Please can someone look into it, I just wanna play the game and do content like everyone else


Neemane, NA East Ladon

Got an entry count via mail, thanks