Disconected at the end of Brelshaza raid and couldn't buy the chest

Hi, i just finished gate 2 of Brelshaza and got disconected while watching the end cinematic, when i logged back in, it gave me the loot as intended but it didn’t let me buy the chest. There was no mvp screen, no bonus loot that i can buy and nowhere to click to bring the little window that lets you buy the chest. I know there is a systeme that automatically grants entries back when you loose them but in this case i didn’t loose my entry, i got the loot and can go to gate 3 but didn’t get the opportunity to buy the chest. Is there a way i can at least get the 4 Brelshaza horns that the chest is supposed to give please.

Hello there @merouane200,

Thank you for reaching out regarding this situation with your bonus loot from your run, unfortunately there is no way to manually grant said items or the chest it self, as you mention you are aware of the system that deals with re-entry tickets, in this case if the system deems you need a reentry ticket even if you received the “usual” loot already then you may attempt it again.

Let me know if I can help you with anything else!