Disconections at the same time (my bf and me), solution please

Hi, my boyfriend and me live togueter, and we play from the same IP, sadly we get disconections at the same time every days. (EDIT: is not problems on our internet, confirmed).

At the start of the server we hadnt any problem, but after bots appear and implement somethings to fight them, we are getting that disconects at the same time every days, we thing that maybe is something wrong in the code that automatically it detect us like bots becouse we play from the same ip or something.

We already re-installed the game, did things explain in another post to try to solve it, but anything is working.

Can we get some help on it please? We do busses, guild’s content, and it is SO bad for our game experience.

When we get that disconect there are a msg that say “disconecting” or something like that, no code of disconection.

Thanks in advance.

Have a great day.


Hello @Florcituzz,

Hope you are doing well.

This is to let you know that currently our servers are under maintenance which is expected to last for about 4 hours which might fix the issue.

In the meantime I’d suggest you to kindly perform the troubleshooting mentioned on the link down below and the check if it fixes the problem or not once the scheduled maintenance is completed:

Hope this helps! :magic_wand: