Do something.


They wont, not at least for another week. Maybe fix in next maintenance, prolly not.

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cant even enter weekly challenge dungeons cause it stops on 80% loading bar. wtf is this lol

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Fix your servers.

Make a maintenance. Like 24 hours if needed.
Fix your servers.
Give everyone 150 pheon for compensation

Everyone happy


make it 240 pheon then you got ur self a deal xD.

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For some reason the last few hours has been a lot worse than anytime since the issue started. Please do something.

Yea, it got much worse after todays patch. EAC disconnects like hell and the error massage i poping up like crazy aswel

UP, still same shit day by day

I had been playing with no problem until just right now. I even played earlier during the day and it was ok and now I can’t log into the game for more than 2 minutes without it closing down out of nowhere.

Maintenance to fix drop connection? still not working.

At this point it just gets frustrating. I’m still trying to do legion raids after reset and it just keeps getting worse. You did several maintenances without an actual fix even tho this issuse affected only a handful of people a few months back, and now since it affects all the players @Roxx kindly claims they’re looking into it and have “possible” fixes (that obviously did nothing but worsen the situation) . Where , what did you actually fix? Some minor issues that had no impact on the game ? LOL