Disconnect Argos => no ticket?

Is it true what chat support just said? When you think the disconnect happens on my side I don’t get a ticket to do it again? There are hundreds of players reporting disconnect which you simply blame to be clients faults. All of them get punished because your game client isn’t capable of holding a stable ceonnection?

Edit: This and the answers from chat, that I should check for a stable connection before entering a raid, while permapings and networktraces show that everything but response time from 2 amazon servers is fine were the last drop. Not a huge number :slight_smile: but playercount -1.

Hello @SuDanger,

We understand that situations like this are very frustrating and that’s why you normally will get the restoration ticket on your game mail.

But yes its correct, in some cases a replacement ticket may not be sent if it’s determined that the disconnection was not due to an error on our side, so please be aware of this too.

Have a nice day a see you in Arkesia! :leaves: :dagger:

“Have a nice day a see you in Arkesia! :leaves: :dagger:

Sorry no. Won’t happen.

I got the same issue twice !
One before a week ago i got a dc in argos phase 3 (probably server side) since my internet worked fine - Got nothing in mail.

and the second time yesterday in the abyss dungeon in the second boss but this was my internet since i got no internet connection at all for like 5 minutes…and ofcourse that i got nothing when i went back to the game.

in either cases you should make an automatic system that either determine if your party did actually cleared the stage u got the d/c in and ull get the loot from the clear even if u d/ced OR automatic system for re-entering ticket for whenever u getting d/c for any reason so u’ll get the ticket to mail anyway.

thats to be fair and to prevent the frustration for me and for other players that can suffer from this.

Please do something about this in the next patch, this is not a rocket science.

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Censored for exposing the truth. Spending time to take actions against players instead of helping them. Amazon games at its best !