Disconnect before raid fight started - once logged in teleported out of instance

Hi All,

Probably not much that can be done.

I just joined a Argos P1 group on my alt.
I disconnected during the Cutscene that happens before you can fight Argos.
When i was able to log back in i was teleported to the entry ship, where all people gather in the beginning, and then ported out of the raid.
No rewards received, not a single hit on the boss itself, but entry count exceeded.

Will an entry ticket be refunded in those cases, as I clearly had no impact on this encounter?
Or is it bad luck?

Hello @Rationalguy,

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Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us, I’m so sorry to hear that you got disconnected before the raid started.

I totally understand how frustrating this is as you were not able to even start the raid and it still counted, we don’t have a way to provide you a re-entry ticket manually, we will need to wait for our system to process your case and if you’re eligible for a ticket you’ll be receiving it, it can take more than 24 hours for the system to do it, however, I can’t promise you’ll be receiving one nor confirm that you won’t, so let’s wait for our system.

Hope this answer your question! :sunflower:

the same thing happened to me last week on my deadeye and i got the same copy and paste “wait for our system to detect it and give you the ticket” it never happened and just now this week it happened to my paladin on BOTH dungeons on Oreha’s Well

TL;DR we are not getting our entry ticket back.