Disconnect during cutscene after Brel G5 clear doesnt allow rewards chest to be purchased

I was playing, we cleared brel G5 with a few learners in the party and they wanted to watch the cutscene.

I disconnected as the cutscene loaded (which has been a common disconnection point for me and others I play with), relogged before the cutscene was over and yet still no rewards chest option after the cutscene played out.

Can you just take my gold and give me the chest somehow please?

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got DC 2x yesterday while doing chaosdungeon… it used my boost+aura…
today so far i got 2x dc while in guardian raid :frowning:

Unfortunately we don’t have the tools to reimburse you items. What I can do is report this to the team as a consistent crash.

I would also advise verifying the game files, as that may help reduce future crashes.

i dont want “reimburse” items and i DONT have to verify gamefiles… thats the most “copy-paste” after “restart your computer”… the game was running “fine” the last 2k hours…

edit: right now i barely can finish any raids and i know iam not the only one with that problem… it seems to ONLY happen while in raid!!! i never DC while in city etc