Disconnect Issues Reporting Megathread - 11/23

Heroes of Arkesia,

We are currently monitoring the state of player disconnects as we continue to make changes and work through this issue throughout the course of the day. As you experience disconnects today, please be sure to include information such as username, server and region, error code received, approximate time and what you were doing when you experienced this disconnect.

Thank you for your help and patience.


Username: Phoducer
Server/Region: Karta - North America East
Error Code: The Gx09
Time: 11/20/2022 Around 12:15pm
Doing: T3 South Vern Legendary Map

Other times d/c at the very end of a guardian raid right in front of a soul before being able to claim.

The timing of these d/cs are honestly a bit sus/weird for gameplay to be stable for over several hours only for it to suddenly happen in content such as t3 legendary map to right before claiming guardian raid soul is very questionable.

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Bergstrom Server

Error code? Either EAC OFFLINE or GX09

Been dc-ing since July and the error still persist through this day. Nothing has changed.

It does not matter what activities you were doing. It kicks you from the character select screen, walking around, legion raid, guardian raids, boss rush, chaos dungeon or simply afking-ing.

The error started happening when the Vykas update shipped.

It actually a waste of time to type these lines, since you guys had all the data with over 2k replies since July, but nothing was done, and instead blaming it on the players. AMAZON CUSTOMER SERVICE LITERALLY BLAMED ON the players and asked them to change modem to fix the error! how ridiculous is that?

I am attaching the original screenshot. I know AGS is doing this just to buy time, since pretty much no one will ever be working on a Thanksgiving weekend, but just an overall view of how this company operate and treat their customer.

They do not care.


What about this megathread you ignored? It received over 2k replies and not a single reply from OP:



5 disconnects today in the span of ~3 hours: 2 EAC offline, 1 W0x5-0PELPWP1P2NT and 2 G0x9-SPELPWP1P2PT

as to what i was doing, didnt seem to matter i got dced while dyeing a skin, while standing still in punika, standing still in chaos dgn after it was done.
the one W0x5 error i got while trying to choose a character after i was disconnected with EAC offline error

Region: EUC
Server: Evergrace

Error Messages : G0x9,W0x5 and EAC Offline in that Order of frequency

started for me After Maintance on 11/9 before i played since Release with no DC issue whatsoever it usually Happens in Instanced Content Chaos Dungeon,Guardian Raid, Boss Rush, Cube , Legion Raids and Platinum Fields you name it rarely happens outside in Normal gameworld ( there are a few dc there too but its by far the minority) as a note other Online games i play have no issues at all so its objectivly not on my end


eac off 3x in a row
i just logged in omegalul

2 min after i logged in for the first time after patch. i got DC. with same msg as always.
Server Neria
character Narizhu

Yea no,
The last time you did this was for Rest bonus when Machinist dropped and you guys did nothing with this post. Stop lying.

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2:15pm cst or 3:15 in game time
I was just standing in front of the honing vendor

On a scale of 1 to 10, how urgent is this issue being treated by the team now after 3 weeks? This is a long holiday weekend in the US, guessing no work will be done on this at all after 5pm PST today until at least next reset? Or am I mistaken?

EUC Thirain

3 DC today already

12:00 CET while sharing a screenshot on Discord

13:25 CET while browsing the Store

21:25 CET while browsing the Store

This is correct.

check when the last mega started, its that urgent

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Server/Region: Azena - North America East
Error Code: EAC Offiline
Time: 11/23/2022 Around 8PM EST
Doing: Chaos Dungeon

Zinnervale - Europe Central

Error Codes: EAC OFFLINE, GX09, “Cannot connect to the server exiting the game…”

Started having these the last 2-3 weeks, as most people have.

As to what i was doing: guardian raids, adventure islands, chaos gates, havent had it happen in legion raids to myself, but i had party members who did in my runs in legion raids and argos.
Oh also happend while honing or generally being idle or tabbed out.

And i wish it was my internet but it is not. Every other game works just fine.

Character name: Billiamwallace
Server: Aldebaran
Region: NA-East
Time: November 23, 2022 (Today) @ about 4:13PM Eastern (Server) time
Error: G0x9-SPCLPWP1P2PT

I was doing a chaos dungeon, 1475 item level (South Vern Corruption Level 3) if it matters. Was fighting actively when monsters stopped moving in response to me and I no longer could do damage. Was kicked to the character select screen.

Same error earlier on another character while I went AFK for 3 minutes to get a drink and use the restroom.

22:15 CET Loged in, read in chat there was a feast in someone’s stronghold, got the buff, played song to get out, DC.
Not even 5mn in.

Hi @Roxx,

please try harder. I just got disconnected in pvp.
Dont know what you tried with this patch today, but it didnt fix the disconnection bug.

Thanks and Cheers

NAE Azena
Had just logged in, standing in the city looking at the AH and got popped.