Disconnect Issues Reporting Megathread - 11/23

00.25 Server time. Calvasus, but I didn’t dc, just my whole party. (Summoner was offline first, and came back)

the amount of people you are gonna loose because of this is insane, this should be your number 1 priority and clearly it is not.

Character: Esponjocito
Server: Arthethine (SA)
20:28 server time

6 out of 8 Raid members got disconnected when trying to clic OK to purchase the Bonus Chest in Brelshaza Gate 3. Upon logging back in we were unable to get the chest. F for my horns…

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I was doing kakul saydon gate 3 and I lost my entry with these disconnect


Character: Occupation
Server: Mari
Zone: US - West

Multiple Disconnects during g2-g3 Brel

Causing massive raid wipes and unfortunately making me look like an idiot to my guild


Since kakul came out for me I had problems with the error g0x9-spelpwp1p2nt, I lost a lot the desire to continue playing, just having a hard time not being able to get the chest with extra materials, I already lost a lot of legions, guardians, chaos, among others. My server is from South America, Arthetine, and I’m not the only one with the problem. I sent 6 tickets, of which only 2 responded and 1 was very bad.
verify the files, repair anticheat, reinstall, format my pc, change the router and I still have the problem.
The worst thing is that they don’t even give compensation, I leave as a record that it is not just one region, we are all with the problem.



Username: Willuf
Server/Region: Evergrace - Central Europe
Error Code: G0x9-SPELPWP1P2PT
Time: 01/06/2023 Around 3:30 pm
Doing: Legion raid Vykas : G1 normal

? lol

7.1. ~01:15 G5 Brelshaza.

got the same eac game security error FIX YOUR FUCKING GAME
eac is useless do something

tried to bus mokoko for free but now i lost the entry and cant help em because the people you work for rather focus on stupid marketing strategies than doin their job
how many months now ?
its crazy being paid for doin jack shit when ironically some of the employes of amazon have to piss in bottles to optimize profits

why would you be going on this thread to look for answers? its not some action ingame that is causing the disconnects its something you broke during the november patch and are too underresourced/incompetent/not bothered to fix in 2 months.

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I would like to get ANY update on this matter, I feel like we see nothing now for weeks and I cannot take it anymore the constant jumping from 16ms to 200ms (or higher) and the dc issues.
I think its not normal to accept this state of the game, and yes, if no news and patch in the next reset day I will quit. Its a joke whats happening. :clown_face:

ahhh 1:15 again Brelshaza g5: 9.1.

Username: Bettye
Server/Region: Evergrace - Central Europe
Error Code: G0x9-SPELPWP1P2NT
Time: 01/09/2023 Around 12:15 pm
Doing: Chaos dungeon corruption level 3 South Vern lvl 1475 : It is unacceptable,i m afraid to do again chaos dungeon and i don t receive aura of resonance back if the servers crashes

Calliligos 12:15 (the other guy and me had disconnect)

Thank you all that you still keep fighting.
Maybe someday AGS/SG actually care about this issue.