Disconnect Issues Reporting Megathread - 11/23

Hello. Thank you for the reports. We are aware about Asta and our team is actively looking at this issue.

I mean how often do we have to talk about Asta (and some other servers) with this ****? Tell us!? THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE! It reached a boiling point! FOR MONTHS we are having regulary these problems AND JACK **** IS BEING DONE. AND I AM DONE trying to be nice and behaved!

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So I’ll preface this by saying that maybe their potential fix is what worked for me, but checking the status of EAC and reinstalling is worth a try if you haven’t done it yet. I ran the EAC installer as admin and instead of showing repair like it normally did, it had the install option, which I did yesterday morning before playing.

I had probably 25 or so disconnects last week across all of the content, and didn’t have a single disconnect yesterday through 11 raids, 10 guardians, and 6 chaos dungeons.

If you want to try it for yourself to see if it helps, the location is: (install drive)/steam/steamapps/common/Lost Ark/Binaries/Win64/EasyAntiCheat/EasyAntiCheat_setup.exe

Right click EasyAntiCheat_setup.exe and run as admin, and hit install (assuming yours is like mine was). Hope it lasts!

Respect for taking time from your holiday to visit us, but dude… the servers are a shitshow across the board these days.

An absolute
to try and play

The game is slowly collapsing in on itself.

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The second weekend of the ASTA server broken. The second weekend of incoming mass Dcs. And the second weekend of MASS botting building up with 1445 ilvl free. AND still, AGS takes zero responsibility on the shitshow they are running. Just offer more crap in their ingame store…

Understood, we are working hard to alleviate the issues. Also noted on the all posts since we announced the update on the following thread. The posts are seen.

Continued patience is appreciated.


Hey, why’d you delete my post? It was pretty simple

Stop giving AGS free data on disconnects; where is our reward for assisting you embarrassing jerks?

yea lets all stop giving them data, so they need more time to fix it. premium logic right here

As if it’s not 95% their fault this is happening and all they need to do is disable EAC

You disable EAC and you’ll have 150,000 bots moving at 900x speed teleporting through walls like we did at launch.

Which granted is still better than our current situation, but still.

EAC was active at launch and I still see hackers, please try again.

I’ll take hope amulets :smiley:

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I’ve not seen a supersonic bot in months.

That’s great news for you! It doesn’t do anything to detract from the fact that the best thing AGS can do about the bots is nothing; get out of our way and stop doing things, because everything they do makes it worse for players while bots just carry on no matter what.

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It’s a zero barrier to entry game, the bots won the day it was released.

EAC may or may not be the primary fail point, but one thing is for sure the servers across all regions are slowly degrading into an unplayable status.


That’s it! I’m going to tell daddy Elon!

niceeeee 160k bots and 80k players xD

Logged on after i read you restarted Asta just to get booted again because of G0x9 error

Username: Mawarnie
Server/Region: Ezrebet - EUC
Error Code: G0x9-SPELPWP1P2PT
Time: 25 november 2022 0h15 server time
Doing: Special Honing

Today the game crashed 3 times. I had to restart the game because of Frozen Screens

Username: Zendika
Sever/Region: Nia - EU West
Error code: no error code
Time: 0:36AM | 01:21AM

One time I was in a Chaodungeon, one time I played against Deskaluda and the first DC happened while I was In Valtan Hardmode