Disconnect Issues Reporting Megathread - 11/23

Username: kitamarin
Server/Region: UNA-NAE
Error Code: The Gx09 & EAC offline
Time: everyday different time
Doing: everything, everywhere i get randomly kicked!!!

Username: Sylphreenaa
Server: Zosma~NAE
Error Code: G0x9-SPELPEP1P2PT
Time: 1:33
Doing; Guardians, At the very end of the collecting guardian soul action bar

i can’t believe you guys are still reporting this like they even remotely have any idea how to solve it. just face it this publisher doesn’t know it’s head from ass . an indie company has more experience dealing with bugs than these clowns .


eac offfline no scree^^

asta 22:23

Brelshaza G6 :smiley:

Username: Arrum
Server/Reguon: Akkan - NAW
Error Code: Server disconnected then EAC
Time: Dec 20 at 05:02 UTC
Doing: Brelshaza gate 4 x43 HP LEFT, LAST BLUE MECH, Disconnected, when i connect online it kicked me out again and giving me a EAC code then i respawn at vern and the room still here and a person from my party still in the lobby telling me it was clear :sob: , i couldnt get the loot nor to go in gate 4 again, give me entry ticket…pleaseeee :sob: :sob: :sob:

ok its been a long time can we freeze all things in the game and focus 100% of the effort on letting us play please? im also screwed on multiple characters on brel. this is insain why relese a new raid in these conditions.

hey me again. well unexpect? sure not ^^

double login crap msg after…15 Hours loading Time crap for a game from 2008 and yeah chaos dungeon daily RIP. we miss you little budy and hate ags even more after this

Username: Bettye
Server/Region: Evergrace - Central Europe
Error Code: G0x9-SPELPWP1P2PT
Time: 12/20/2022 Around 5:53 pm
Doing: Guardian Raid level 6 : Kungelanium

" * Fixed an issue causing honing to be inaccessible if a player was disconnected while honing gear."

good news… now we can continue “honing” if there was a DC in the process, isn’t that mega greate ? the 42 DCs a day are becoming more and more bearable.

Maybe we could teach the game client to start in 30 seconds and then we celebrate the DCs? Would be mega AGS irony

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yay another day another dc


asta 14:46

ags / sg is it possible you game suck for 6 weeks? or more???

7 weeks reminder.

Thanks for fixing the disconnect issue already ! =)
Oh, btw. 15:16 21.12.2022 - Calvasus EU, DCd after a guardian (-:
0SPEL error.

Username: Willuf
Server/Region: Evergrace- Central Europe
Error Code: G0x9-SPELPWP1P2PT
Time: 12/21/2022 Around 4:27 pm
Doing: Chaos dungeon Corruption level 1 : South Vern level 1415

weekly NA WEST BERGSTROM reporting in.

Another 7 man disconnect in a Valtan raid on EUC, just as we transisiton to ghost phase. This is the worst fucking joke ever. Pls just DO SOMETHING. You are wasting our time, our resources, our will to play the game. DO SOMETHING FOR FUCKS SAKE. Like… does this screen look satisfying to you??
Compensate the thousands of players who lose their loot and entrance tickets, is that not the LEAST you can do? Honestly worst problem solvers in the fucking world - you guys. Grats on the prize

Username: Beauden
Server/Region: Evergrace - Central Europe
Error Code: G0x9-SPELPWP1P2PT
Time: 12/22/2022 Around 5:56 pm
Doing: Legion raid Vykas : Normal difficulty,G2 finished

did the guy who make these dc adjustment of out office? NA WEST is now having dcs


disconnect: few min ago
activity: end of chaos dungeon

this is 2nd in last 15 min

brel gate 0
asta 20:17

start g1

great game for sure… but hey twice as fast the tickets

@Roxx whats up any news on this front?