Disconnect Issues Reporting Megathread - 11/23

How am i supposed to play the game if the game crashes 5 times in 1 hour loading screens. CAN U FIX THIS SHT GOING ON FOR MONTHS

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They are working on it, surely (for the past 6 months :lying_face: )

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Error code: G0x9-SPELPWP1P2NT
Username: Bubblÿ
Server: NAE/Zosma
When: 12/22/22 6:37PM EST
What: In Verdantier [Hard] and was about to pick up a Mokoko seed when the error popped up & my game froze. I did not crash, it simply threw me back to the login screen but I was also rolled back to a spot in the dungeon that I was not at when I disconnected. Probably lag.


even less? i don’t think that’s possible on this topic.

NAE UNA (and your forum)

All error above.
EAC offline
This also happen yesterday, everytime server reset, I can’t login to server.

I can’t even play the game now.
Even I can login, It struck when login to the map, finding party, making solo chaos map.
I can’t do lopang because I need to travel many map and I got DC quit game.

game crashing 24/7

Azena just had mass DC’d and saw half my friend list DC along with half of my friend list.



Round 345987435983745897345!

Been dc’d over 20 times today, dc’s in character select after i picked my server, it kicked me back to server select yikes. small indie company

Error: W0x9-SPELPWP1P2NT
Server: NAE/Zosma
When: 12/24/22 1:57am~2:00AM EST (Had browser up so I don’t know the exact time I DC’d)
What: Waiting at event island for boss to spawn.



Another one boys!

3 more since last post

2:07 am


Relogged just fine, so EAC is obviously not offline & it’s not an internet issue bc my internet is perfectly fine. Ping in game is sitting at 30-50mb as I write this, still at event island.

The DCs have been intensifying i cant raid i really wanna raid please please how many weeks behind will you put us with this shut it down or fix it. its like a new level of RNG and im personally losing 2 lockouts burned this week to DCs already.

Character Name: Kyurama
Server: US West - Rohendel
When: 23/12/2022
What Happened: DC’ed multiple times, received Perma Ban after restart.



New Account, No VPN Used, Only Chrome , Steam and Discord opened.
Banned for 3rd party Known Cheat Programs

Appeal doesnt work, replied with a fixed reply saying result can not be changed.
What’s the point of an appeal then?


Got this twice during snowpang , one just before start and second right before you get rewards …

when?-> NOW
server? Lazenith
doing chaos → daily disconnects …

Again-> when we will have fix? already more then 1 month!!!

I usually never have disconnect problems, maybe only a few times a week, the last couple of days I have had quite a lot, and today it’s happening like every 5 min…

second one, after…2 min in next chaos dungeon? yep, daily stuff!
And now disconnect with GAME CLOSURE!


Today is unplayable. Disconnect at adventure island. Another Disconnect made me miss Deathgrip Island.

Already had my Crystalline Aura run dry because of all the annoying bots, but now its finally over and I may be gone for good. Cu