Disconnect Issues Reporting Megathread - 11/23

Dc on kill, no more entry, f*ck this, what are you doing

Asta (of course)
Valtan HM, kill at gate 1
No entry left for gate 2
Charakter: Mietze

just how much fcking patience you need?
da fck you gonna do with username, server and region.

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You guys are surely fixing this shiet show thx. Thirain EUC while in Brel raid we are chain disconnecting. Not only me, WHOLE RAID!

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Ive been playing for 10 months without any issues like dc like these unfortunate players but today, i finally got an issue with the game, although its not dc but i cant apply to any raid lobbies, I can click apply to the lobby but nothing happens, it just plays a sound as i click the button nothing happen aftwerwards

Can`t play PVP at Fever Event cause you get Penalty after a DC. Sadly you are responsible for the DC but i have to get the penalty. i quit the game now.

and after loggin ofc i lost my entry…damn “fixing”

Constant disconnects for the last 20 minutes. Not just me but lot’s of people.

DC while idling in town. FIX YOUR SERVERS it’s been 2 whole months FFS.

nice loading DC anyone


for free… i dont need it ^^

I got disconnected after watching the brelshaza g4 animation and I couldn’t get the extra chest and i sent a ticket to the support but most likely I will take out the entire set before they answer me

Username: Eliiwen
Server/Region: Ezrebet/ EUC
Error Code: The Gx09
Time: 24/12/2022 Around 17:30pm
Doing: Vykas gate 3
Got disconected twice before the third one, after rejoin i was alone in the map, and of course my weekly entry was gone.

Got 3 DC’s in the last 15 minutes. Lost a Boss Rush Ticket on the first one.

Server/Region: Kazeros/SA
Error Code: Gx09
Time: 15:30-15:50

Got a DC in the last stage of a Hard Boss Rush. Didn’t get the rewards and lost my only ticket.

Server: Blackang (SA)
Character: MasterOfPuppies
Server Time: somewhere around 15:40

Would be nice if it’s possible to get the ticket back, at least.

Edit: got my ticket back 2 days after.

Between 14:00 pm and 16:20
Server/Region: Arthetine/SA
Character: Rkggod
Error Code: IDK
High ping doing guardian raid, I got kicked twice and other people got kicked too in the same raid, almost lost my rested soul and couldn’t respawn during chaos, the timer ran out.
Ping somehow reached like 1M, my internet is not the problem btw

Multiple DCs on NAE while playing today, all within a few minutes of each other. Finally got a 7 minute lockout while in a chaos dungeon due to multiple logins. If I continue to try to play to I risk a perma-ban for this?

don’t bother giving them information, they wouldn’t know how to do anything with it even if they wanted to

this game is a broken mess

i press esc, game stuck @

task manager it is… and now we play the loading screen, because somehow starttimes of this broken mess are ridiculous

Yes you are at risk for Perma banned for cheating apparently.

DC out of chaos immediately after entering the 2nd floor, reconnect inside but it just throws me out. Lost my entry…
fuck this game

The entire Una server seems pretty bad. Was doing Argos last night between 1am and 3 am and we had 3 different party members disconnect in one instance.