Disconnect Issues Reporting Megathread - 11/23

I’ll take hope amulets :smiley:

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I’ve not seen a supersonic bot in months.

That’s great news for you! It doesn’t do anything to detract from the fact that the best thing AGS can do about the bots is nothing; get out of our way and stop doing things, because everything they do makes it worse for players while bots just carry on no matter what.

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It’s a zero barrier to entry game, the bots won the day it was released.

EAC may or may not be the primary fail point, but one thing is for sure the servers across all regions are slowly degrading into an unplayable status.


That’s it! I’m going to tell daddy Elon!

niceeeee 160k bots and 80k players xD

Logged on after i read you restarted Asta just to get booted again because of G0x9 error

Username: Mawarnie
Server/Region: Ezrebet - EUC
Error Code: G0x9-SPELPWP1P2PT
Time: 25 november 2022 0h15 server time
Doing: Special Honing

Today the game crashed 3 times. I had to restart the game because of Frozen Screens

Username: Zendika
Sever/Region: Nia - EU West
Error code: no error code
Time: 0:36AM | 01:21AM

One time I was in a Chaodungeon, one time I played against Deskaluda and the first DC happened while I was In Valtan Hardmode

Username: Orcforyou
Server/Region: Karta - NA East
Error Code: The Gx09
Time: 7:45PM EST

In Cube, error popped up during T3 Cube Survival Stage where many of those killable self-destruct bombs spawn. The timing again is so sus lmao. No issues or d/cs within 13 hours until that moment.

On Asta here, still got dcs. 3 times now in 15 mins. 1 in chaosdungeon 1 in guardian raid and 1 right now in Valtan…

I get a full PC freeze, not just the game dc. is anyone getting that? started happening after this week’s update. I noted this game is also using more ram or I might be crazy. I have 16g.

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charactername: Eunmee
region: EU Central
server: Thirain
time: 10:05 PM PST
activity: Guardian raid

Was dc’d right as the rewards were dropping, I only received one of my two souls, rip rested rewards :frowning:
Also, since the attemtped fix was deployed, the DCs actually havr gotten more disruptive for me, I will dc, but the game will not realize. I can still move my character, but my skills don’t properly work anymore and don’t go on cooldown and I can’t interact with anything. It takes about a half to a full minute until the game realizes and kicks me to server select. Closing the game and restarting instead of waiting is not an option due to the long bootup time for the game.

Char: Vívaldo
Region: EUC
Server: Asta
Error code: SPELPWP1P2PT
Time: 07:25 server time (CET)
Doing: on stronghold waiting on valtan hard find Party window to join people

Char: Chinartileria
Region: NAW
Server: Valtan
Error code: SPELPWP1P2PT
Time: 22:41 PT
Doing: Just finished killing yoho… walking to the orb to get my hard earned loot… and got dc before I’m able to get the loot

Seriously AGS,

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Server/Region: Neria - EU West
Error Code: No Error Code
Time: 07:46 AM
Doing: Character Change

The client just crashed (the 5th time in the last 11 Hours)

just now. 23:20, valtan… it’s not even an hour after my last post. this time on farm sh.


clicked on OK, returned to server select screen, and got this :


My account gonna get restricted now ? seriously AGS…

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Region: EUC
Server: Thirain
Time: 11:35
Error Code: W0x9-0PELPWP1P2NT

I was shortly afking in the Integrated Dungeon window.

Region: NAE
Server: Karta
Time: almost every hour at least ones but more like 3 times an hour - safe to say it happens all the time no matter what y do ingame it can happen with anything.
Error code: W0x9-0PELPWP1P2NT this mainly but disconnect seem to be a bit arty with different versions of same dc issue

My suspicion is utter incompetence from game developers side and total disregard of bots and rmters. Great company smilegate and ags…lmfao.

What are those other avenues moderators here had written about in patch notes lmfao over and over…

10:12 asta