Disconnect Issues Reporting Megathread - 11/23

I would like to get ANY update on this matter, I feel like we see nothing now for weeks and I cannot take it anymore the constant jumping from 16ms to 200ms (or higher) and the dc issues.
I think its not normal to accept this state of the game, and yes, if no news and patch in the next reset day I will quit. Its a joke whats happening. :clown_face:

ahhh 1:15 again Brelshaza g5: 9.1.

Username: Bettye
Server/Region: Evergrace - Central Europe
Error Code: G0x9-SPELPWP1P2NT
Time: 01/09/2023 Around 12:15 pm
Doing: Chaos dungeon corruption level 3 South Vern lvl 1475 : It is unacceptable,i m afraid to do again chaos dungeon and i don t receive aura of resonance back if the servers crashes

Calliligos 12:15 (the other guy and me had disconnect)

Thank you all that you still keep fighting.
Maybe someday AGS/SG actually care about this issue.

Lets do Valtan they say, will be fast

AGS/SG such fucking clowns. Just DC’d on spears Brel G3 and didn’t get reward


here we go again, brel ~21:45

literally next try:

Server:EUC Armen
Time:mad dcs after the bot ban wave

again few tries later: 5!!! people DCd again. @30bars



Good luck in this, the 11th week friends.

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Wait a second… no posts for 12 Hours… I have not DCed today? is it fixed? Seems fixed! Woo! lets get some posts in here if you guys are still DCing but since the bot ban ive been running into no issues in game.

If its fixed good job team, Thanks!

It’s more likely that people have given up on reporting.

They’re still being reported, just not on this thread. Also many people have just stopped reporting it. There’s no new info anyone can provide that is of value 11 weeks in.

OMG there’s no way! another disconnect before gathering GR reward week - General Discussion / General Discussion - Lost Ark Forums (playlostark.com)

IGN: Ayatola
Server: NA West Valtan
Time: Jan 11
Details: Boss died and dc’d, didn’t get the chance to collect 2 GR Hearts. rest bonus wasted and used. (As seen in the SS found in my thread pls take a look)

This happened twice in that week, my other alt (Striker, same server, Mikool) in Jan 8 or 9 he got dc’d on Caliligos with Rest Bonus activated, wasted 2 loot orbs.

Username; Aweno
Region: NAEAST
server: Aldebaran
ALL day
Another code

i cant enter to my stronghold with any of my character
same server error