Disconnect Issues Reporting Megathread - 11/23

Username: Beauden
Server/Region: Evergrace - Central Europe
Error Code: G0x9-SPELPWP1P2PT
Time: 01/29/2023 Around 2:36 pm
Doing: Guardian raid level 6 : Kungelanium , penalty 6m,thank you

Uuugggh where’s my compensation for this??? its been 18 days you guys are handing out rest bonus compensation on this video, WHY AM I NOT GETTING ANY???

EUC Ezrebet
Got dced during x45 Vykas Gate 3, got a ticket for Gate 2?? :frowning:

After first guardian in a x2 party, spel error whilst looting.
Calvasus EU 03.45

I’m getting disconected at least 7 times per day lately, why is this issue happening?
SA - Arthetine
I don’t have any information because I’m not being disconected yet, but please, tell us why is this issue still happening.


Username: Bettye
Server/Region: Evergrace- Central Europe
Error Code: G0x9-SPELPWP1P2PT
Time: 02/03/2023 Around 11:07 PM
Doing: Legion raid Valtan Hard G2 : lvl 1445

this thread is still alive? ags give a damn f… 4 sure

they don’t care, problem is getting worse, nothing is being done.

dc rohendel naw, all day

DC right now EUC NERIA,porcodio

bro it’s not even funny , fix the goddamn game you lazy incompetents

Hello all, I see there is an uptick in disconnects once again. If you could please be sure to include your server and the error message, or if its a hard crash, please explain what you were doing. Thank you!

Does it happen at same time interval? My disconnects have 125minutes interval. When 125minutes is over bam soft disconnect.

Earlier today I got DC on Valtan G2, fortunately I was able to back online before they end the gate.
Sometimes the game DC and the game doesn’t close and let me log in again fast but sometimes the game closes and I have to wait until steam finish its process to be able to launch the game again.
Yesterday I got DC on Oblivion Isle, the game DC and closed and once I got back into game the event was done and the entry to the isle also used so I couldn’t join again. (I didn’t even reached the event the 1st time, just entered the isle, waited a bit and got DC).

I don’t know tbh, in my case it’s just random DC’s, at any time anywhere.

Got DC right now during guardian raid…

Username: Willuf
Server/Region: Evergrace - Central Europe
Error Code: G0x9-SPELPWP1P2PT
Time: 02/08/2023 Around 3:46 PM
Doing: I was just finished the last run on chaos dungeon and then i just change my character to continue the dungeon,he stayed for a few seconds black screen and after servers crashed.

Username: Kurotempo
Server/Region: Slen - EUC
Time: Right now.
Doing: Legit just opened the game to a complete series of disconnects one after the other. Can only play 2 minutes before the game disconnects me.

Username: Tronks
Server: Zinnervale
Regfion: EU central
I can not even reach character selection, as i get this error: