Disconnect - No loot received after and used rest + daily usage

I did 99% of a GR and disconnected, it used my rest bonus and my daily after disconnecting for less than a minute…

Lately the game has been crashing every now and then during some events, it has happened 3-4 times since the patch. Twice now I have lost progress so I opened a ticket with Amazon… who said they just did not have the “tools” to help.

Even though I am having a great time with Lost Ark this is the last straw, I have lost my daily and rest bonuses 3 times now, and lost adventure islands twice due to very short disconnects (<1 minute).

All that needs to happen is have the loot mailed to players if it wasn’t looted from the dungeon, it’s a very simple QoL in almost all MMO’s now.

Edit: Out of curiousity does anyone know how disconnects/crashes are handled in the Korean version of the game? What would happen if you DC in the middle of a Chaos Dungeon, would it allow you to reconnect into it?

You are now connected to Rosa from Amazon.com.

Me [11:13:57 PM] : Issue: Lost Ark - In-game issues: Something Else

Rosa [11:13:59 PM] : Hello, my name is Rosa. I'm here to help you today.

Rosa [11:14:03 PM] : Are you contacting us about Lost Ark or New World?

Me [11:14:10 PM] : Hello Rosa, I am contacting you about Lost Ark

Rosa [11:14:20 PM] : Alright, how can I help you today, Kieran?

Me [11:14:50 PM] : I need some help, my CPU has been acting up and crashing. I was doing a raid and I crashed. I finished most of it with a team but I disconnected and it ate my daily usage with a rest bonus :(

Me [11:15:06 PM] : I reconnected within a minute or two, but it must have finished.

Rosa [11:15:55 PM] : I am sorry to hear about this Kieran, may I know if you have already signed into the game without any issues or crashing again?

Rosa [11:16:02 PM] : Is this a frequent occurence?

Me [11:16:34 PM] : I am signed in but I have had a lot of crashes since the last patch. I have a Vega 56 and the drivers are troublesome.

Me [11:17:25 PM] : The thing is now I can't recover 2 days worth of rest bonus and a daily usage, it is a lot of progress I lost. I thought for sure it would hold my position since the round should stay open for quite a while after, but it closed the server right away it seems.

Rosa [11:19:56 PM] : To be honest, at this time, we are not able to re-grant the ability to participate in weekly/daily content. You will be able to participate again after the weekly reset that happens Thursdays at 10am UTC, or after the daily reset. But we would like to thank you for reaching out regarding the loss of your ability to participate in the dungeons due to service issues. What I can be of help to you today, is for you to avoid further crashes while participating in special events. And what I can suggest for you to avoid this in the future is to run an integrity check through steam, because maybe there are some corrupted files that needs to be redownloaded.

Me [11:20:32 PM] : So you can't even refund the daily? I got no loot...

Me [11:20:59 PM] : Even if my PC is unreliable the game should be, why would it kick me out so fast after disconnecting? Most MMO's keep it open and let you loot well after

Me [11:21:04 PM] : This is very concerning

Me [11:21:20 PM] : I am really finding this pretty unacceptable

Me [11:22:14 PM] : I feel very bad now to because I spent money on the game recently and I feel like now I should not even play it because I will risk losing precious time I spent with no reward, that is extremely bad!

Rosa [11:22:36 PM] : I am afraid, we simply do not have the tools to do that, since our tools is only made for support.As much as I wanted to help you and provide you what you needed, I simply can't. We would appreciate really your understanding with this matter.

Me [11:22:50 PM] : Is there an avenue you can provide me to have this resolved elsewhere?

Me [11:23:10 PM] : There must be some form of support for players who have lost rewards due to instability of technology

Me [11:23:25 PM] : The thing is I wasn't disconnected for long so really the system itself is flawed

Me [11:23:37 PM] : If it was an extended period I could understand but it was less than a minute or two

Rosa [11:24:00 PM] : We are the last line of support and if ever we do have another department, you will most likely receive the same answer coming from the.

Rosa [11:24:08 PM] : them*

Me [11:24:41 PM] : Ok thanks I am going to post feedback about this issue on the forum, honestly this will make me quit the game. I can't rely on my PC 100% and if I can't rely on Lost Ark to at least keep a session open for a few minutes after a short DC then how can I play this game?

Me [11:25:19 PM] : It seems like this is the end of the line, it's really unfortunate. I have never had this issue in any other game, even when I DC it still keeps a session open for a few minutes

Rosa [11:26:08 PM] : Alright, I will also take that as a feedback and will make sure to escalate your feedback to the devs so that your voice will be heard. You can as well freely post to the forums for the moderators to see your concern.

Me [11:26:34 PM] : Thank you Rosa, it's upsetting because I like the game but now I can't play it because it's not running reliably :(

Me [11:26:45 PM] : huge bummer my night is kind of ruined

Rosa [11:28:08 PM] : I know how frustrating this is really to you, only if we can do something about it.. but we do have limitations as well. As your fellow gamer, I understand where you came from and your feelings are valid.

Rosa [11:28:25 PM] : Do hope you have a great day further. Keep well

Rosa [11:28:30 PM] : Thank you for contacting Amazon Games Support . You have a good one.
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