Disconnect/Crash Thread - 3/15 update

Creating a fresh thread to collect disconnection and crash information for the team. Please fill out:

Error Code:


Username: Aversa.
Server/Region: EU Central/Kadan.
Error code: Game made entire pc to crash forcing it to restart so I can’t provide any error code.
Time: 15 of March, 16:15
Doing: I was sharing my screen on discord while navigating on the menus of the in-game shop.

I’m playing this game with an AMD rx 6750 xt hope it helps the team!.

Username: Kimochiartist
Server/Region: EUC/Lazenith
Error Code: no code just crashing.
Time: 8:14 AM
Doing: fixing my skills set.

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username: imlolo
server/region: EU central/ calvasus
Error code : cannot connect to the server .[G0x9 SPELPWP1P2PT]
time:11Am CET [every 3 minutes]
Doing : south vern quest for artist
screenshot :

Username: Aversa.
Server/Region: EU Central/Kadan.
Error code: Game made entire pc to crash forcing it to restart so I can’t provide any error code again.
Time: 16 of March, 11:00
Doing: Purchasing battle pass.

Game feels smoother after the patch. I’m noticing less stutter and also that the graphics card is reaching higher frequency core and power draw (that is awesome because pre patch in chaos dungeon for example I would have big fps drops, now it seems that is able to mantain them better), but for some reason on screen menus seems a bit bugged to the point that just crashes.

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username: soreda
server/region: EU central/ zinnervale
Error code : cannot connect to the server .[G0x9 SPELPWP1P2PT]
Dc eveey 1 min in chaos dungeon or guardian raid

Username : Lieutenantfury
Server/region : Calvasus/EUC
Doing : legionraids
Time : since 10AM / 16 of March

Game perma freeze after patch forcing the computer to reboot…

Maybe related to the dx11 switch…?
**Have no issues with other mmos/games in general that use dx11

euc zinnerville
every mintues
when in content like dungen raid etc

Username : Haetaebaragi
Server/region : Una/NA
Error code: The game just shuts off after lagging. Now it doesn’t even show the server selection page.
Time : March 15th multiple times throughout the day.
Doing : Honing, Opening storage, etc…

Username: Buffalowings
Server/Region: Ladon NA East
Error Code: w0x5-spelpwn1n2nt or w0x9-spelpwp1p2nt
Time: Artist release
Doing: in character creation making my artist

Okay but why close the old “newer amd freezes” lost arK" thread when that was an entire specific issue on its own that was straight FREEZING people’s pcs instead of “cannot connect to server”, people were using that thread to find and discuss bandaid solutions specific to the amd freeze crashes when it requires a fix from the game itself (Also doesn’t help that one of the best solutions was just playing on Direct x 9 which you guys for some reason just removed and forced direct x 11, causing the freezes to occur again), not to mention ags staff ignored that thread for months and months and suddenly closed it.


Error Code:None, Game freezes entire pc and is a bug with amd drivers that has been happening for 6months+ and is well documented in another thread. This isn’t a disconnect but is an entire system crash driver level issue with the game
Time: randomly
Doing:happens randomly
Screenshot: screenshot not possible due to entire system freeze

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Closing the other thread was bad true and this thread just seems like it won’t help the issue at all, after months of no reply to the other thread from support and then changing it to this one which mixes it with other issues is a joke

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Username: Beauden
Server/Region: Evergrace - Central Europe
Error Code: G0x9-SPELPWP1P2NT
Time: 3/16/2023 8:38 PM
Doing: Legion Raid Kakul Saydon G2 Normal

Apologies on that, I can unlock it as you’re right. And its something I’ll bring up to the team to look in to.

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Just trying to condense disconnects and crashes so the team can work through a thread. Didn’t want some of the smaller threads getting buried and forgotten about. I will unlock the other one though!

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Username: Beauden
Server/Region: Evergrace - Central Europe
Error Code:G0x9-SPELPWP1P2PT
Time: 3/16/2023 8:51 PM
Doing: Legion raid kakul saydon G2 normal

ok im gonna stop playing this game and ask friends to stop playing too this is not ok its been 20hours still no fix sry but im out and dont swipe any more

Thank you

Username: Bombshot
Server/Region: USWest/Mari
Error Code: G0x9-SPELPWP1P2NT

Time: 3/15/2023 2:50 PM PDT (approx)
Doing: Hosting a Party Finder lobby for Vykas Hard (clicked on the applicant tab and the game instantly froze to disconnect)

Time: 3/15/2023 3:59 PM PDT
Doing: Vykas Hard, Gate 3

Didn’t take screenshots.