Disconnected 3 times since new update randomly within the last 40 min

title says it all wtf is going on anyone else have this?

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Yep. just disconnected for the third time myself.

Right there too. I think there is an issue with EAC

2 times all within less than 5 mins of each other.

EDIT: Now 3 times just sitting in the sea

well, ags isnt like NSA who prolly has infinite sized server.

Yeah happened to me twice. Gonna give up for the night and try again tomorrow. They’ll probably need to implement a hot-fix maintenance and reimburse many people who have been kicked out during chaos dungeons and the like.

Got disconnected once too and got a message about EAC. Weirdly, I closed out Youtube, reconnected and haven’t had any issues since.

Not saying its related to Youtube and playing Lost Ark but thats the only thing I changed. lol