Disconnected after processing into Boss Rush

Hello I’ve got disconected when I passed the first timer zone after entering the Boss Rush, it was normal crash to the server selection but my teammates kicked me out, is there any option to get back my ticket?

Server: EUC Neria
Character: Wscieklepiesci

Hey there @sevencomebackhurrica

Sorry to hear you were disconnected and lost your entry to the Boss Rush activity…

Unfortunately, we don’t have a way to re-grant daily or weekly entries to content manually, we have a system that allows for access to be re-granted for players who experience a verified crash or outage issue on the game server side; this will not cover local internet issues or other potential causes of disconnects.

If determined this was a server-side issue, the delivery of the replacement ticket could take up to 48 hours, and the appropriate ticket will be delivered to your in-game mailbox when it arrives. We cannot guarantee that a ticket will be sent in 100% of cases of disconnects.

You can read more about this in the Update to Timed and Ticketed Content Lockouts official post.

Hope this information helps.