Disconnected from server multiple times

Akkan server
IGN : Eclipsestriker
Error : G0x9-SPELFWF1F2PT

Been disconnected for at least 4 times in the past few hours. I been queuing to this server for hours with 6k queue. Got disconnected and queue AGAIN and AGAIN for 3-4 times. I recently had this issue where ping goes above 200k (?) And now i got this disconnect issue again. Im sure my wifi has no issue, everything is fine but today got disconnected so many times. Can any support help please? My usual ping is around 180-210.

Hello @EclipseYoona !

I am so sorry for this inconvenience, it should not happen :frowning: .

Can you please tell me if you try any troubleshoot before?

Error Messages Decoded - Support | Amazon Games.

On this link above you will find some steps you could try.

Please let us know if any of those works for you :smiley: .

yes i have tried all the other option other than the Wired connection which is impossible because it’s out of reach.