Disconnected in Valtan HM and support can't guarantee a re-entry

I only had tonight to run this and I disconnected at the end of gate one. After relogging I got the clear screen, but zero rewards. We voted to leave so that I could clear gate 1 because it wouldn’t let me continue since I didn’t actually clear gate 1 and now it’s telling me that I can’t re-enter??? I went to livechat support and the only response I got was that “It would be automatic and the have a nice day”.

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Wow, shitty game with a shitty system. Ya’ll have all the money in the world to fix issues like this. Get him his re-entry ticket. At least let him go into Gate 2??? Unbelievable, trash-heap game.

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Your friends did clear it, they’re not able to do it again regardless.

Since tonight is the only night you had to run, you’re waiting for weekly reset anyway, which should fix it.

Sorry to hear you dced.

They should atleast give him an entry to Gate 2? Since it was technically a clear. But his entry for that was also eaten.

But they “only had tonight to run this”, they wouldn’t be able to make use of P2 even if they were given it.

It doesn’t matter. This is happening to a lot of people, and personal circumstance should not affect the solution for this shit system.

Also, even though he “only had tonight to run this”, that would have been enough if he wasn’t hard stopped by, again, the shitty system.

I’ve not disagreed that it’s unfortunate, I’ve just pointed out that in this instance there isn’t a solution because even if absolute best case they manually set gate 1 to complete (which would be unheard of), it wouldn’t actually help them any.

Again, shit system.


They should improve these system that you have to claim rewards before getting locked.

End boss reward for all people is a one go a week. Separate lock system

I had this issue also - and they can’t do anything about it - their system is flawed and their support just give generic answer which won’t help much at all

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