Disconnected / lost reward / entry count

So, today I was doing valtan hard weekly run with my guild mates, we cleared gate 1 and went on to the gate 2 during valtan ghost phase my game crashed. I got disconnected all of a sudden out of nowhere.

I quickly relaunched the game so I can grab my clear reward but game decided that I wasn’t even in the group, didn’t receive any loot and couldn’t buy clear reward chest.

after I checked when you make party there shows gate 1 (cleared) and same for gate 2. But for me gate 2 was not cleared so I thought thank god at least I can still do it. I made a party with random people and when voted to enter. It showed entry count. I mean what the heck? Didn’t receive anything through mail either,

Who should I blame here? Devs? AGS? That my one week reward is messed up, like this has to change ASAP at least entry shouldn’t be counted at first place if someone gets dc’ed

Been like this since april. The failsafe system they have is garbage and they refuse to fix it.

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both are at fault, the devs for designing such a shitty system, and ags for running their servers on potatoes

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The main problem is. Community not making nose over this issue as much as we should. this has to be top topic. As f2p player these reward and gold is extremely important for us

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the reason for this is because the mods are censoring big posts that bring up negative things