Disconnected mid valtan, didnt receive a ticket

i dced yersterday mid valtan g2 because they decided to restart euw servers with no in-game warning, @Roxx rox said that everyone who lost weekly entry because of the server restart will recieve a ticket, and it can take up to 24h, more than 24h past and still didnt receive anything .
pls help, thanks
euw-moonkeep : zagreeus

Your only other option is contacting support.

i did, and its the same we cant help you, and i think they actually cant

Then you either have to wait on the ticket or your out of luck since support can give stuff, CM’s like roxx cannot.

Its part of the reason I always tell people not to run lockout stuff right after maintenance. Either wait several hours or the next day to be safe the maintenance is all good.

received a ticket this morning, didn’t know it can take 3 days, thanks.