Disconnection issues been crazy since this monring

Player counts on steam charts says 80-90k but how are we still having such an issue. I usually have 15ms ping but today the ping spike is crazy it goes from 1k-3k and I dc either to server selection or force client quit. Everyone on the party been dcing and it’s almost unplayable at this point.

Hi, Daemachoo. Sorry to hear about the disconnection issues you have been experiencing. Can you tell me which server you are on?

I’m NAW Bergstrom server. Seems like the issues are still here, got disconnected during chaos, guardian raids, and raids

can confirm NA WEST BERGSTROM is going crazy with the dcs

It is about 6 pm PST and I am also on Bergstrom NAW and have been experiencing some major ping spikes.

Maybe bots are trying to make their entrance.