Disconnection Solution to Aura of Resonance loss

So after being bombarded with a ton of G0x9-SPELPWP1P2NT warnings earlier, I ended up losing both of my chaos runs for the day. But what I have noticed is that when you do get the ability to reconnect quickly, you aren’t kicked out of the dungeon. In fact, just a few moments ago when this happened, I was able to log back in, and the timer and the mobs were still there, sadly it took forever to get back into the game, the timer had 15 seconds left and ran out and thus the run had failed.

I know there’s feedback from AGS team stating they don’t have the ability to refund dailies/weekly entries at the moment but a plausible temporary solution would be to extend the stage timer from 5mins to 10mins per stage. This would probably give a good window for people to jump back into the game and still have a chance to finish what they started.

The problem is due to the anti-cheat and launcher, it takes FOREVER to get back into the game, roughly 2-5mins depending on how things decide to load. And by the time you are able to get back, you are either dead or the timer has run out. But if the timer were extended from 5 to 10mins, this would fix the current problem if ever people disconnected during their runs.

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