Disconnections problem is getting worse since reset

Attempted to do a Vykas raid this morning, we reached gate 2 but from there we were getting 3 to 5 disconnections per attempt, tried again 10 mins ago, same issue.

HOW are we accepting this ? For almost a month now we keep getting disconnected again and again and AGAIN and there is absolutely ZERO sign of amelioration, it looks like player comfort isn’t an AGS top priority, but when they send us a gift by mistake they mircaculously find a way to fix the issue in less than 5h, weird ins’t it ?

I can understand that the team needed a break for Thanksgiving to see their family (even tho I don’t really understand why there was not even a single dev to keep an eye on the game last week but w/e), but guys it’s been a month and servers are still unplayable.

We need clear asnwers from AGS because if these issues aren’t fixed for Brel release we won’t be able to clear 6 gates while being feared of getting disconnected at any time.

Side note : I see the future and I can tell tou that compensation (if there is one kekw) for a month of server disconnections will be waaaaaaaaaaaaay too low, hope you’ll be happy with x20 vitameow !

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unfortunately i agree. i nevet had dc issues until about 2 weeks ago and today it is worse than ever, i get dcd from every possible instanced content. it is really pissing me especially becausr i still need a couple of upgrades for my brel characters but i really dont feel like risking the rewards of my weeklies ao i cant really play. i dont think that inhave ever complained about anything on tjhis forum before, but this is now really unacceptable. one day i will quit this game and never look back. i expected that it will take years because i really enjoy the gameplay and the content, but if shit like this clkeeps happening i just might have enough of this a lot sooner.